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Automated registration of paper documentation, bar-coding, registration of documentation issue to the users

Appius-PLM Electronic Document Management System has the specialized subsystem providing automation of registration and issue of paper copies to the staff of the enterprise. There is an opportunity of bar-coding.

It is also possible to:

  • print bar-codes for the existing documentation
  • search a document in the system by the bar-code
  • form the list of the issued and returned documentation by means of the scanner

Operations of issue and return of documentation to the users are registered in the relevant document which is created by the archive employee. In this document the operation type, the user, the list of documents with quantity and issue date are specified.

If necessary it is possible to print the card of documentation issue, for example, for its signing by the person who has received the documents.

Main benefits:

  • indication of the storage location of a paper sample
  • forming and printing of a document bar-code
  • convenient search by a bar-code

If you have any questions about the operation of the system Appius-PLM, you always can consult with our experts.


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