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Management of project structure, work with files of any formats and sizes, fast data loading. Adjustable access rights and the multicriteria search

Transformation of paper documents into electronic files provides bigger efficiency, reduces expenses and increases safety of documents. Storage of office files in the electronic archive ensures joint operation of employees, provides proper tracking of revisions and regulatory compliance.

The central part in Appius-PLM Electronic Document Management System is the explorer window. This window contains actions for the management of project structure, lifecycle of document sets and their changes, report generation, etc. The system displays information connected with the current element in the form of tabs: secondary representation, parameters, access rights, applicability, files, delivery notes, tasks, etc. Accounting unit of the system is the set of documents which can be detailed by sheets. One or several files of any format can be added to each document (for example, dwg and pdf).

Access rights

For collective work of several users the system has differentiation of the information access. Access rights are combined, on the one hand by the roles of the user, and on the other hand by internal system of differentiation of the access rights. For each system element there are object and group policies

Search of projects, documentation and files

The system has an adjustable search of elements (projects, sets, sheets, etc.) by various criteria.

Storage of different types of documentation

The system has an opportunity to store and connect all types of documentation: project, working, estimate, regulatory, design, permission, executive, operational, etc. For estimate and regulatory documentation there are separate types of elements allowing the user to adjust the list of document properties.

Management of document or product structure

The system allows forming of structure of such documents as the bill of work volumes (BWV) and the equipment and material specification (EMS). The bill and the specification have the following elements: equipment, materials, standard and other products, and works. To make the work with the restrictive list easier there is a special engineering reference book which elements are connected with the nomenclature reference book.

Direct forming of BWV and specification structures is made in the window of structure management.

Main benefits:

  • setting of parameters and connection of elements at the level of the system administrator
  • automatic assignment of designations to documents/folders/objects
  • use of the engineering reference book as the restrictive list
  • reliable data storage
  • fast search and access to the actual document version
  • uploading of the project files for transfer to the contractor/customer

If you have any questions about the operation of the system Appius-PLM, you always can consult with our experts.


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