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Fast installation, usability and integration with the existing CAD-system of the project organization

Appius-PLM Electronic Document Management System has a special component for organization of effective work with AutoCAD. After installation of the component in AutoCAD the following command menu appears automatically:

This interface allows the user to connect the system for opening of the drawing, creation of new sheets, saving of changes and synchronization of the block attributes on the basis of document parameters in the system. After clicking the "Open" button the user is offered to choose the AutoCAD set/sheet in explorer of the system for the subsequent uploading of files of the chosen element to the user's local computer and its opening by means of AutoCAD.

After opening of the chosen document in AutoCAD the system performs the following operations:

  • Updating of the block attributes on the basis of document parameters in the system. It allows complete filling of the drawing title block
  • Marking of the file in the system as edited to eliminate possibility of its change by other users. At the same time the file copy opened by other user can be available for reading by means of the System
  • Search and uploading of dependent XREF files from the system

All further actions for the document formation are based on the work principles of a designer. Following the work results all changes have to be saved in the system. For this purpose it is necessary to save the AutoCAD file previously, and then to click "Save" in the PLM-component panel. At the same time all changes will be transferred to the Appius-PLM system. Just the same actions will be done when closing of the edited file and with a positive statement in the opened window about the change saving.

The "New sheet" button in the panel of PLM-component allows creating a multisheet file. Addition of a new sheet is performed by choice of the document of the current set in explorer of the system. The user can also create a new sheet, having opened a special window with the predetermined set of parameters and the list of file templates. During creation of a new sheet it is necessary to enter its name and number. Other parameters are usually taken from the set.

Main benefits:

  • automatic filling of the drawing title block
  • monitoring of collective work on the project
  • simultaneous viewing of documents by all project participants
  • convenient information search and data storage

If you have any questions about the operation of the system Appius-PLM, you always can consult with our experts.


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