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Distribution of roles according to the personnel functionality, tracking of changes, terms of work performance, reception of notifications and timely entering of adjustments

The system provides automation of documentation consideration process. Each document has a "Consideration state" parameter which can be as the following: "was not considered", "sent for consideration", "considered with remarks", and "considered without remarks". This parameter changes automatically according to the business process.

Documentation for consideration is distributed according to the roles of participation in the process of documentation consideration and approval: "Curator", "Reviewer", and "Head".

The Curator is the Company employee whose functional profile is more related to the document content and who is responsible for the document consideration, quality of own comments and comments provided by Reviewers.

The Curator can:

  • add own remarks
  • edit remarks of other Reviewers
  • send the document to Reviewers for reconsideration (rework)
  • add new reviewers
  • force completion of consideration process

Reviewers are the Company employees, the representatives of disciplines mentioned in the document. Reviewers consider and timely issue remarks to the documents.

The Reviewer can:

  • look through the properties and files of the document
  • look through the comments left by other Reviewers
  • add own remarks to the documents

The Head the Company employee who participates in documentation consideration process and is responsible for the remarks approval before sending them to the contractor.

The Head can:

  • look through the properties and files of the document
  • look through the comments left by other Reviewers
  • approve results of consideration
  • reject approval of remarks, returning the chosen documents for reconsideration with the possibility of adjustment of the approving person list

The participants of consideration receive e-mail notifications about availability of the task for consideration. Usually the letter looks like the following:

Subject: Documents for consideration (Role) - Project name
The new task "Consideration of documentation / Approval of remarks" has arrived to you.

Project: Project name
Curator: Full Name
Initiator: Full Name
Deadline: Date

List of documentation:
Designation, name and audit number

Log in the Appius-PLM system for registration of remarks or check and for consolidation of the reviewers' remarks!

Documentation for consideration can be sent in several ways. Business process can be created on the basis of a delivery note, and also by means of an explorer context menu using the "Send for consideration" function. It is possible to send any number of documents and sets of documents for consideration at once, having selected them by means of "SHIFT" and "CTRL".

Before sending for consideration, it is necessary to specify the list of documentation, approving persons and users notified about the consideration. There is a possibility to set automatic filling of the "Approving Persons" and "Informed Persons" tabs according to the ready templates.

If more than one user is specified, it is possible to define their deputies with the term of redirection to the deputy and to mark parallelism or sequence of the users' participation in the consideration. The list of approving and informed persons, the Curator, and the Head can be specified automatically on the basis of the approval template.

Management of templates is made through the corresponding reference book which can be opened through the subsystem named "Business processes and tasks". In the template the condition of its autochoice on the basis of document parameters is specified. For example, "Document type = General layout" or "Document code = WDD".

In the "Route map" tab there is a graphic display of algorithm of the consideration business process.

After the consideration process is started, the approving persons receive tasks, and the "Task panel" can help to work with them. All documents sent for consideration are united in one task.

The performers take the task on for execution, thereby the time of consideration beginning is fixed and there is a possibility to enter remarks about the considered documents. The task can be executed until the consideration term comes. Thus, it is possible to continue consideration of the documents later.

After the task for consideration is taken and the status is changed to "Is carried out", it is possible to open the "Remark registration" window.

The "Remark registration" window displays all documents sent for consideration and the users participating in it and also the comments left by other users. To see document files, it is necessary to choose it and click the "Open - Explorer" button.

When entering remarks to the document it is necessary to specify the article number, the remark text and to add the external file (if necessary). If there are no remarks, then the flag "Is considered" is set without any addition.

Before task completion, the system checks the presence of the flag "Is considered" against each document.

The Curator in his turn has the right to consolidate and edit all users' remarks. The Curator can return the document for reconsideration (at own discretion or in case of rejection of approval by the Head). In this case the task will become active for reviewers and will get the status "For rework". In case of sending of documents for reconsideration (by clicking the "Resume consideration" button) the Curator can specify the reason of return.

After completion of consideration the Head receives the task for approval of the remarks. The Head can make decision to rework the document. He should put a tick in the "Requires rework" column and specify the return reason in the "Comment" column.

As a result the system will create a new task for remark rework for the Curator.

This process is carried out until the Head approves the remarks. After that the initiator of consideration process will receive the task to send the results of consideration to the documentation developer.

The document flow coordinator passes from the task to the connected business process and on its basis creates a delivery note for documentation transfer. After completion of consideration process the system allows forming and attaching files of remark sheets (in the MS Word format) to each document.

Main benefits:

  • assignment of the employee's role according to his official status
  • possibility of sending for rework (any number of iterations)
  • possibility of creation and further use of approval templates

If you have any questions about the operation of the system Appius-PLM, you always can consult with our experts.


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