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Cooperation, collective responsibility, optimization of all project participants' interaction

Working process of a project organization means daily close interaction of different divisions, the purpose of which is the accomplishment of one general task – complete project commissioning in the specified term. In these circumstances fast and effective information exchange is of great importance for success of any company.

Manual data capture, variety of file formats, processing of paper documents and their approval present a labor-intensive and expensive process.

The "Task management" subsystem helps to automate the process of document movement in the company, making it fast and productive. This module is intended for interaction of the enterprise staff in real time, allows connecting all interested specialists for solution of common arising problems and for discussion of innovative ideas that considerably improves cooperation in the course of development./p>

Each user has a task panel which helps to work with the tasks. In this window the entering and outgoing tasks are displayed which can be created by the user separately or automatically within a project. An important point is the connection of the task with the system element, which is made by the indication of the attachment list. The user can redirect the task, change the completion date, begin fulfillment, reject the task, etc. Each event has settings of notification sending inside the system and to e-mail. Employees can receive e-mail notifications as soon as they get a new task even if at the time of receiving they are out of office.

In this subsystem the performers in charge are appointed, and timely task fulfillment is controlled.

Use of collective knowledge of the whole enterprise allows making decisions concerning preproduction quicker and more effective.

In this subsystem the company employee has an access to the necessary information in the corresponding contexts - he can initiate discussion on a document or a project.

The "Task management" subsystem allows the staff to communicate and share information, creating joint activity on the created product, and each following user can find answers to questions about the developed product easier.

This component allows creating communities consisting of groups with common professional interests. The enterprise employees who cannot work together have a possibility to enter discussions. The users receive online notifications connected with certain activity.

In the subsystem there is a report on the task fulfillment condition by means of which the Head can see the state of work, making selection by means of multicriteria filter by performer, project, task status, etc.

Main benefits:

  • the enterprise employees can solve problems in the context of their project
  • knowledge of the employees is saved
  • innovation acceleration: the employees can help to stimulate new concepts and processes for achievement of a new growth
  • all tasks in one place; each participant of the process knows what and when should be done, task fulfillment is monitored online
  • easy integration into business processes of the company; no special knowledge, dedicated servers or expensive specialists are needed

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