Accompanying documents


Recording for the receipt and transfer of documentation to contractors and within the organization with automated generation of accompanying documents.

The Appius-PLM system has a guide for contract work (construction, design, etc.) that contains related documentation. It allows to track unaccounted work, automate the tasks of incoming control.

Contract card

The system also has the ability to receive statistical data on certain contracts. For example, statistics on sending documentation under the contract to the contractor.


The module for working with transmittals provides tracking and control of the documentation movement for operations: receipt, transfer, return and movement.

The transmittal card contains related documentation, transmittal details (number, date, recipient, sender, type of transaction), information about storage locations (for documentation in hard copies), additional information (stage, input control status, format, signature, transfer method, term response).

Transmittal card
The system automatically generates a printed form of the transmittal in accordance with the procedure for managing technical documentation.
Transmittal printed form

It is possible to send the printed form of the transmittal together with the associated files to the contact person of the contractor directly from the system using a special module. The system also allows to create a task, a letter, an outgoing transmittal, and a review process based on a completed incoming transmittal. This will copy the completed fields and documentation to the required fields and tabs.


The module for working with letters allows to track the movement of letters related to technical documentation (registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence), improves work efficiency by reducing the time for preparing outgoing letters and controlling the timing of responses to letters.

The incoming letter card contains related documentation, letter details (number and date, status, number and date of the sender, subject, tags, contractor, contact person, organization), information about the need to prepare a response, connection with letters, preview area of the main file.

Incoming letter card

For an outgoing letter, the approval process is available, and it is also possible to generate a PDF file of a letter based on a previously prepared HTML template with filled in parameters (subject, content, sender, etc.).

Users can set up automatic reminder notifications for incoming and outgoing letters for which the deadline for preparing or receiving a response expires. It can set any frequency of sending.

Outgoing letter card
Documents approval

The system automates the documentation approval process. In this case, the status of the documentation is optionally transferred to “Approved” with the addition of a link to the approval document. Automatic setting of the “Approved” status for documentation, selected stamps in pdf-files and its subsequent signing with an ES (electronic signature) allows to reduce the approval time and quickly receive a complete package of approved documentation in electronic form for sending to a contractor.

Documents approval

If the approval is agreed, the approver receives the "Documentation Approval" task in the taskbar, and a notification about the received task is sent to the e-mail. Once approved, the approver task finishes and stamping processing starts in the background.


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