Task managment


Taskbar for each user, control of deadlines, simplified interaction of all project participants.
The task management subsystem is designed for real-time interaction between employees of the enterprise, allows to bring together all interested specialists to solve and discuss time-sensitive common issues, that significantly improves cooperation in the process of managing technical documentation.

Each user has a taskbar responsible for working with tasks. This window displays incoming and outgoing tasks that can be created by the user separately or automatically as part of a project. Each event can be configured to send notifications within the system and by e-mail. Employees can receive e-mail notifications as soon as they have a new task, even if they are out of the office at the time of receipt.
Task bar
The user can redirect the task, change the deadline, start execution, reject, etc. An important point is the connection of the task with the system element, which is carried out through the "Attachments" tab.
Task window
The subsystem has a report on the status of tasks, with the help of which the manager can see the status of work by making a selection through a multi-criteria filter by executor, project, task status, etc.
Task execution monitoring
In addition, the system generates a report to analyze the timing of the tasks "Employee involvement schedule". The report allows to analyze the deadlines for completing all tasks for a certain period, the total volume of tasks, deadlines missed, as well as the degree of employee involvement in the work.
Employee engagement schedule

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